Pregame: Super Bowl

Opportunity: While TV owned the eyes of the nation during Super Bowl LII, our goal was to bring awareness to Dodge muscle cars by embracing the absence of street traffic and labeling it a paradise for those that care more about driving than football.

Insight: The Super Bowl clears streets and transforms the outside world into a playground for those who don't give a shit about football 


Our drivers responded:


The Brotherhood of Muscle

Opportunity: In todays world, groups (clubs/teams/gangs/etc) are no longer exclusively for those born with a particular last name, rank, or race.  Most of us can earn affiliation with groups we choose to identify with.  Groups that share passions and values alike.  Everyone seeks community, and it's easier now to gain access to those whom we feel most connected with.

Insight: Modern brotherhoods aren't connected by blood, passions both good and bad form tribes


Launching the Dodge Demon:

Fastest Production Car Ever Made