SUCCESS: KIND Snacks used our work for a 2016 digital campaign

The Ask:

  1. What is the balance between our product and mission
  2. How do we communicate "do the kind thing for your world" more effectively?

KIND Snacks

People often think that kindness shows weakness. Being kind to someone makes you vulnerable to others taking advantage of you. It’s impossible to motivate people to act on a behavior that is perceived to put them at a disadvantage.

However, this is a belief at an individual level. Not everyone feels this way, but a large percentage of our population does. In order to change the world, belief has to be on a cultural level. I once read an interesting quote that explains this, “Witches are real in Columbia because everyone believes in them.” This is belief on a larger cultural level. This combined belief makes witches real.

We found that our culture is being more inclusive than ever before. People and brands are taking a stand against wrongdoings of the past. We realized that this is never easy and doing the right thing in the face of scrutiny is courageous.

Insight: Kindness is closer to courage than it gets credit for.

Courage takes strength, and while the rest of KIND Snacks competition is saying, “be physically strong and healthy”, KIND can stand for a “different kind of strength”. A kinder world can only be achieved if kindness is seen as courage.

KIND Snacks gives you a “different kind of strength”. Strength that gives you courage.

CREATIVE: Empire State Of KIND

New York is one of the meanest cities in the world. Showing kindness puts you at risk of being taken advantage of. If we can give New York the courage to be kind, kindness can spread anywhere.

CREATIVE: Credit Where Credit Is Due

Those who are courageous and kind are often modest. They usually prefer to be anonymous because they feel kindness is their duty, but we must give them credit so that others notice and a cultural belief can begin to form.

CREATIVE: Surprisingly KIND

Rap has a bad rap. The genre thrives on beef between artists and their ability to humiliate one another on an international stage. What if there was more to talk about than clubs and champagne? KIND can combat the negative cultural stereotype and turn rap into a kinder experience.


Berlin Cameron United assigned internship project