A year had past since “Wanna Get Away Island”...

(WGA Island was a UGC contest encouraging consumers to share their WGA moments on social media with a chance to win an all inclusive trip to a private tropical island Southwest Airlines purchased.  It was a huge success.)

We were tasked with the evolution of SWA’s Wanna Get Away Campaign.

Story in the data:

In an effort to evolve the campaign, we analyzed over 4,000 unique articulations of what Wanna Get Away meant to individuals.  Submissions that gave us an inside peak into human truths and scenarios where embarrassment often strikes.

We filtered all of these responses into 12 creative territories:

  1. Important object becomes inaccessible
  2. Important location becomes inaccessible
  3. Unintentionally interrupting someone’s private space
  4. Unaware of something everyone around you is aware of 
  5. A pressing issue that must wait to be remedied
  6. A special event doesn’t go as intended
  7. Temporarily loss of control of a bodily function
  8. Revealing oneself without intention of doing so
  9. Unable to resist a physical need
  10. Comically avoiding physical injury
  11. Mistakenly revealing information to wrong recipient
  12. Something private is revealed publicly

Here are a couple of spots that were born:


YES Campaign

Opportunity: Southwest Airlines and its employees provide a surprisingly positive flying experience in a category that is known for being extremely frustrating and limiting.  Other airlines and airports in general make travelers want to pull their hair out.  Infuriating and emotionless processes are the everyday norm of air travel.  We needed to show travelers that with Southwest, flying doesn't have to fucking suck.

Insight: In a world full of no, Southwest is a plane full of yes